Wellness Coaching for Adults

Epitomé Wellness is a holistic, whole body coaching organization. Focusing only on adults, and specializing with people fifty years or more years of age. The methodology focuses on what the client says, the client’s words, the client’s goals and the client’s ideas for how to change their life for the better.

Achieve Great Things

We listen to the challenges you are facing and connect you to the tools that will enable you to overcome them. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain control of an illness, connect on a deeper level with a loved one, or make a mid-life career change, Epitomé Wellness can help you achieve great things.

With our help and support, we work with you to not only defeat your health issues but to discover your “best self” with a new emphasis on wellness.

Stop waiting to be the best you can be and start living.

Certified Mayo Clinic Health and Wellness Coach

Richard Lee

Richard Lee

Richard Lee is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. About a decade ago, Richard faced health issues and had to make a change or he would not live to see his son graduate from high school. With help, Richard changed his life and realized he wanted to help others do the same.

I’d Love to Help

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Wellness Coach?

Wellness Coaches are experts in establishing relationships and practicing core coaching skills that assist the individual in identifying values and desires, transforming them into action, and maintaining lasting change over time. They partner in dynamic collaboration with individuals, respecting the client as the expert in his or her own life, using a strength-based focus and strong grounding in best practice.

2. How does that differ from a Life Coach, or a Health Coach?

While coaching in these areas does not have specific definitions and boundaries, in general, Life Coaches tend to focus on a person’s life and life goals, and Health Coaches tend to focus on a person’s health.

My Approach & Philosophy

The Mayo Clinic’s Coaching Principles view the Client as Expert, Dynamic Collaboration, Strength-based focus, guided in Best Practices. There are five phases in coaching a client: Engage – build the relationship; Explore – identify Values, Strengths & Desires; Envision – facilitate a Vision; Experiment – Transform Values & Desires into Action; and Evolve – support lasting change.


“I am off the medicine and for the most part feel good. You will never know how much all your wonderful thoughtfulness, inspiration and simple good common sense has guided me these past months. All the work you did to find Dr Brook for me has been a lifesaver. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am still holding my own with weight (after losing 100 lbs).”


“Richard! You’re amazing! Thanks for the coaching today!”


“Earlier this year, my doctor suggested I had fibromyalgia, severe depression, leaky gut syndrome, metabolic syndrome and that my Type II Diabetes had returned. I consulted a friend & amazing man who has become my Wellness Coach – Richard Lee. He has helped me define my goals, find a nutritionist, a holistic doctor & advocate for my health & overall well-being. I have changed my diet, my attitude, my outlook & have lost 12 lbs. in a month. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. YAY!! I encourage everyone that is concerned about their health, would like to age gracefully & enjoy their later years to talk to Richard. I just have to say THANK YOU a thousand times!!”

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