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Richard’s earlier career was primarily in Information Technology. Programming a “mainframe” between his second and third years of high school created a strong interest in computers and computer technology.

My Background

Early jobs were in banking as a computer operator, programmer, program analyst, and systems analyst. A very interesting assignment was in managing an Economic/Environmental trade-off model for an entire state. After that, in the radio & television industry, he traveled across all of the USA and Canada as both operations manager and installation specialist, installing and teaching broadcast personnel automation of sales, commercial announcements, daily minute-by-minute on-air logs, including exact placement in time of specific commercials with rotating copy. Then came a surprise invitation to consider IBM as a career.

With extensive technical experience, his goals were to become accomplished in sales, After two successful years he was recalled into technical support because of his broad technical skills. Then, taking advantage of both his technical and interpersonal relationship skills, Richard began presenting high-level descriptions of IBM hardware and software to executives of corporate clients.

The next logical step was creating announce-day materials and presentations for financial analysts and the international press. Because of his wide-ranging knowledge of both customer and IT development environments, his role became “sitting on the fence” between development and marketing, translating customer requirement into development requests as well as announcing new hardware and software products to the field, customers and the press.

This logically led to a marketing strategy assignment, developing strategy to market new and innovative products. To cap off his IBM career, Richard worked for IBM Worldwide Education, creating and presenting product education for the IBM field force and customers. Following early retirement from IBM, Richard helped small and medium business with both marketing and marketing strategy.

Coaching Achievements

Some Coaching successes:

  • Weight loss 9 years after bariatric surgery
  • Major career change in mid-life
  • Reaching goal of employment in a Big Four accounting firm
  • Gaining control of ADHD, fibromyalgia, unemployment and marital problems
  • Transforming from sales rep to business owner
  • Conquering vertigo amid a 100 pound weight loss
  • Weight loss after years of failure
  • Converting from technician to sales
  • Single mother coping with two children and money issues
  • Smoking cessation

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